Wilderness Dance Camp 2022
August 14-20, 2022

Together Again: Expanding into the Field of Love
Inclusion. Spaciousness. Fusion. Integration.

These words inspire us as we consider our vision for camp this year. After a hiatus of 2 years we are feeling our way into how we want to be together. We are looking at the elements of our practice of the Dances of Universal Peace and personal practices that complement the DUP. We are looking at the needs of the world and how we show up to be a part of the healing.

Jen Friedman

Jen is a certified Dance Leader and an interfaith minister, chaplain and spiritual leader. She brings songs of change to social justice events. During the pandemic, Jen was at the forefront of leading regular Zoom circles integrating other leaders. She has co-facilitated several fusion events, as well as retreats in Mexico and Colorado.

Our Guest Leaders

Nur Jihan Gigi Amer
Sarmad Andrew Foehner

Egyptian born and native Arabic speaker, Nur Jihan always loved to sing and write songs since childhood. She was raised listening to Om Kalthoum, the famous Egyptian female singer and Arabic Folk Music. She is a certified dance leader for the Dances of Universal Peace, founder of the South Bay Chant Circle, founding member of Caravan el Noor as well as an initiate in the Sufi Inayati and Ruhaniat traditions.

Sarmad has had a passion for percussion since a very young age and has been formally studying Indian, African and Middle Eastern percussion for over twenty-five years. Sarmad is the drummer/percussionist for Caravan El Noor .Sarmad enjoys offering sound baths using gongs, Tibetan bowls, synthesizers and other instruments.

Bernie Heideman

Bernie is a long time favorite Dance Leader who doesn’t need much of an introduction. He always brings a sense of joy and abandon to the circle, as well as current spiritual explorations. Bernie leads several annual events in CO and Mexico and was one of the first leaders to develop a safe protocol for in person events.

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