Wilderness Dance Camp
August 18-24, 2019

Abraham and Halima Sussman

Halima and Abraham have been cultivating spiritual practice, the Sufi Dancing AKA Dances of Universal Peace, and Sangha since 1969. Abraham is an original student of Murshid Samuel Lewis and Halima caught her love of the Dance directly from Murshid Sam. They both serve as senior mentor teachers for the Sufi Ruhaniat and Dances of Universal Peace, are inspired musicians, and elders in the path of the heart. They guide the SAMA Sufi Sangha, in Cambridge, MA, USA.

Our Guest Leaders

My Heart Turns Inward and Kisses the Earth

What do do when there’s so much happening on every level of being: spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, familially, culturally, nationally, internationally, globally … and in such an extreme spectrum of Light and Dark, Good and Bad? How do we not only get on with our lives but also feel that we can be of some help, some service, essentially of some use, in this world? Inquiry, turning inward, asking, praying, dancing. The resultant natural turning outwards. Remembering, Connection, ONEness. Kiss and be Kissed.

Munir Peter Reynolds and Eric Narayan Waldman

Munir is a Sheikh in the Sufi Ruhaniat International order and a leader and senior mentor of the Dances of Universal Peace. A musician and superb guitarist, Munir brings the Dances to camps and retreats throughout the world.

Narayan is a Senior Mentor of the Dances of Universal Peace and a member of the Ruhaniat Society as well as founder of the Oneness Project. Narayan’s style ranges from the sublime to the outrageous, but is always effective and inspiring. He has been gifted with numerous beloved dances and zikrs (Lord Make Me an Instrument, Here I Am, Om Shant,
Shema Israel, Tey Tey Malkutakh, Amen Alleluia, Ek Ong Kar and Shekinah….to name just a few.)

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