Wilderness Dance Camp

Dances of Universal Peace — “Forget yourself, get into the spirit of song, rise and fall on the waves of ecstasy, and express your pure being. Then you escape all differences, all divisions, all duality, all pain, all sorrow.” Murshid Sam Lewis

We offer a joyous way to share heartfelt connection with others – an essential unity and encounter with Life that seems elusive when we put words on it. In this atmosphere of openness, acceptance and trust the Dances can become a doorway to discover our true home in Wholeness and the eternal present.

These group Dances, simple and profound, are set to sacred texts and mantras of the world’s spiritual traditions. A Dance leader teaches participants a song and movements, often with live guitar and drum accompaniment. Movements embody the essence of the spiritual message and our relationship to Life. Soon the circle is singing and moving together, deepening into the sacred phrase with each repetition.

5 Days of Music, Dance & Fellowship

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