We will focus on living from the heart.  There will be lots of singing and dancing, connection, and fun.

We have invited Aslan (Scott) Sattler and Grace Marie to join myself, Narayan & Connie (Zareen).  Aslan brings a talent to lead multiple part singing (without music) to untrained singers (most of us). He says it is more important to sing than to sing right.   His presence, warmth, and knowledge are wonderful.  Grace Marie brings her loving heart and gracious dance leading and her passionate outreach to other cultures.

We will be inviting campers and staff to present their interests and knowledge to small groups during the week.  Even if just a few people are interested in your topic or it may be a short presentation-there will be connection and information exchange.
There will be singing and music jams most nights after the Dance.

The Wilderness Camp will continue its’ focus on dance leader training and musicianship.

These are “interesting” times and our focus, connection, and ability to bring love to the world are strengthened by coming together and recognizing our own power and the power of group energy.

 Please listen to this heart/breath meditation by Alaya Love (right now and many times before camp). https://entheois.bandcamp.com/track/alaya-love-heart-breath-meditation-a-432-hz